Spices & Condiments

We have formed relationships with some of the finest “flavor” companies like Boar’s Head, Burk’s Happy Mouth, and Curt’s BBQ Sauce.  We have a complete line of Premier Spices that will make your meats and seafood come alive.

Burk’s Happy Mouth

Burk’s Happy Mouth Signature Seasoning is not a normal “run of the mill” seasoning salt. It is made with only the freshest premium spices. Spices like sweet Hungarian paprika, toasted granulated onion and garlic to avoid caking, Kosher salt, cayenne pepper (30,000 heat units for just the right amount of heat) are just a few of the 14 premium spices, finely measured, to assure your food will give the desired “Happy Mouth” reaction. All Natural-No preservatives or MSG.

Premier Rub, our signature seasoning, is wonderful on almost any kind of meat including steak, roasts, turkey, burgers, pork, chicken, fish and seafood.  Our specialty rub compliments any kind of fresh meat and combines nicely with other spices, condiments and BBQ sauces, for extra zing.

Premier Gourmet Blends

Premier has a selection of premium “Kosher Certified” spice blends, like our Gourmet Steak, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Butter, All Purpose Gourmet, and BBQ Seasoning. These signature blend are specially formulated to bring out the best in all the premier meats we offer. Enjoy!

Curt’s BBQ

Our sauce itself is no ordinary sauce. It’s a sweeter, not-so-smoky style sauce that can be used on anything. Not only is our sauce used as a staple for ribs and chicken, but it’s also tasty on pork chops, hamburgers, ham, pulled-pork, wild game, steaks…you name it. Pizza with our sauce as a base is incredible, and using it as plain ol’ dippin’ sauce for fries and chips is delicious, too.


  • tomato concentrate
  • sugar
  • spices (including garlic)
  • vinegar
  • salt

*contains no MSG

Blue House Jams and Jellies

Excellent flavor combo’s to satisfy the sweet tooth in us all.

Jams we stock:

Strawberry Jalapeno, Wild Grape, Wild Chokecherry, Mango Jam, Wild Plum, Rhubarb Raspberry, Wild Plum and Crab Apple, Wild Plum and High Bush Cranberry.

All worth a try!


We stock a variety of Lysander’s meat rubs. Chicken, pork, salmon, seafood and beef rubs that are perfect for the grill or the smoker.

Grandpa Josh’s Sausage Mixes

We carry a complete line of Grandpa Josh’s Sausage Seasoning Mixes and More…

From Grandpa Josh’s kitchen in the Midwestern woodlands to yours, we can definitely spice up your kitchen. We are not just renowned for our sausage seasonings by the home enthusiast sausage maker, but also by those cooks requiring superior gourmet taste in:

  • Sausage Making Blends
  • Brautwurst Mixes
  • Summer Sausage
  • Jerky Mixes
  • Meat Rubs
  • Soup Mixes

Blended with care, Grandpa Josh’s will always bring something special to your kitchen. From traditional to trendy, the diverse line of seasoning mixes is not just for meat. Grandpa Josh can bring something special to a variety of your recipes for wild game, fish, poultry, pasta, vegetables, and even eggs!

We are proud to bring our exciting blends of sausage seasoning, meat rubs, and soup mixes, from Grandpa’s kitchen to your table.


We carry “The Blue House” Salsa made in Hitterdal, MN. Full of vibrant flavors of fresh tomatoes and vegetables. Great with almost any kind of meal.